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Welcome to the Cosmic REST API v2 docs. This is currently an alpha release and your feedback is welcome and appreciated. See the changelog for details on what has changed in v2.

For the stable v1 release of the REST API, and interactions with the Cosmic NPM module and GraphQL API, go to


For a quick reference to get content from your Bucket, click the "Developer Tools" button found on select pages in your Bucket Dashboard .

Base URL

To keep things concise, all requests use the $BASE_URL variable to indicate the following base URL:

Status Check

You can check on the API system status via the Cosmic status page and via the following endpoint:


We offer a Postman collection for a quick reference to review and interact with all Cosmic REST API endpoints. Follow the steps to install and configure below.

Install and configure

  1. Click the button below to install the collection into your Postman account:

    Run in Postman
  2. Click the dots then "Edit" option to get into the "Cosmic API V2" collection settings

    Postman settings
  3. Edit your variables to match with your Cosmic user account and Bucket API access keys.

    Postman varialbes

    Encode queries

    If you are using Queries in Postman here's a handy way to encode your query param:

    1. Add your query as a param in your Postman request and select the input or right click: Encode Query Screenshot 1

    2. Click the three dots and select "Encode URI Component": Encode Query Screenshot 2

    3. See your query now encoded and ready to use: Encode Query Screenshot 3